Our Packaging

It is a guarantee and a fact, that wherever possible, we will choose and use, packaging materials that do not contain any single use plastics. Already, our Fabulous Farmhouse Style Finger range is presented in plastic free wrappers, branded with paper stickers, printed with Vegetable based paints, with the biscuits themselves loaded into cardboard trays, packed into cardboard outers and sealed with brown paper tape.

Very soon, our brand new Mini Packs for Hospitality range, will be launched, produced with the exact same materials and finished in the exact same way. Shortly after, all of our packet lines and multipacks will follow suit, and convert to plastic free. Plastic Free packaging is right now considerably more expensive than traditional polypropylene (PP) films, but we will stick to our philosophy, and trust that these additional costs will reduce as time goes by, and more people engage.
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